moving on.

it’s been a fun few years.
but, i’m moving.

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i miss you, memphis.

i miss you so much. i felt really safe with you.. i wish i hadn’t. i’m sorry i’m so clingy. (clearly, i’m not robin.) i just genuinely enjoyed being your friend. i miss waking up to your texts. i miss the way you looked at me that day… right after i shared my story and you told me you understood. i miss your drunk calls that i never answered, haha. i wish i could take back my ted moment a few months ago. maybe that way i wouldn’t feel so awkward. i miss you, memphis. i want us to be friends again.

you’re exactly the person for me.

i met you while i wasn’t looking.  i shouldn’t have been looking.  yet there you were.  you said things you shouldn’t have said.  i listened. i believed them.  i convinced myself that you were exactly the person for me.  twenty four hours later, you don’t even exist.  how did this happen?


the life and love we create is the life and love we live.

i’m making new friends.  hanging out in new places.  discovering new music.  the boy and i are fantastic.  i’m exploring past hobbies – like photography and designing.  my closest friends are visiting this month.  i’m going back to school.

i’m working on being less stressed which means i’m working less.  i temporarily stepped down from band aid records.  at the end of summer, i’m going to evaluate how/where everything is and make a more permanent decision then.  there’s no way i’d ever leave for good, but some things have to change for the sake of my sanity.  my little trip to the hospital this week for what turned out to be a stomach ulcer is tangible proof of that.

i’m happy, y’all.  some days i get knocked down but overall, i’m really really happy.  it’s been quite some time since i was able to say that and mean it.

when i’m sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead.

Do something for yourself.

preach it, baby dakota fanning.