“and time, time it stops for no one.  the seasons come and go and that’s just time.  yeah time, it stops for no one.  the seasons keep on going whether or not we’re blind.” – lights and buzz

I’m uneasy, and I’m weak in the knees, and I’m trying not to breathe.  not believing, not believing you’re gone, and that I was the one to let you.” – lonely for her

“sometimes perfection can be, it can be perfect hell.” – bruised

“hours pass and she still counts the minutes that I am not there.  I swear I didn’t mean for it to feel like this, like every inch of me is bruised.” – bruised

I’m coming home from my hardest year.  I’m making plans not to make plans while I’m here.  and this life has been no holiday, a complicated situation.  I’m fine with all my memories.  still I could use vacation.” – lights and buzz

“tell me, doctor, how to shake a waking nightmare that is only worse when I am sleeping.” – kill the messenger

I swear it’s not me.  it’s just someone I used to know.  and get to church ’cause you’re a good girl and he never told you that.” – kill the messenger

“as I’m swimming through the stereo, I’m writing you a symphony of sound?  where are you now as I rearrange the songs again?  this mix could burn a hole in anyone. but it was you I was thinking of.” – the mixed tape

“finally, I’m letting go of all my downer thoughts.  in no time, there’ll be one less sad robot looking for a chance to be something more than just metal.” – miss delaney

“have you ever been alone in a crowded room?  well, I’m here with you.” – dark blue

“if you’ve ever been alone in the dark blue.  if you’ve ever been alone, you’ll know.” – dark blue

I’m on the verge, I’m on the verge.  unraveling with every word, with every word you say.” – I’m ready

I wake up to find it’s another four aspirin morning.” – I’m ready

“I grip the wheel and all at once I realize my life has become a boring pop song and everyone’s singing along.” – I’m ready

“but if you left it up to me, everyday would be a holiday from real.  we’d waste our weeks beneath the sun.  we’d fry our brains and say it’s so much fun out here.” – holiday from real

“oh, it’s a picture of perfection.  ah, and the postcards gonna read, fuck yeah we can live like this.” – holiday from real

“oh, the trouble we can get in.  so let’s screw this one up right.” – holiday from real

“and don’t you think I wish I could stay?  your lips give you away.” – rescued

“and, I’m thinking I’d perfer not to be rescued.” – rescued

“she’s raising hell to give to me.  she’s got me warm, so please don’t get me rescued.  oh, say you’ll miss me one last time.  I’ll be strong, but whatever you do, please don’t get me rescued ’cause I’m feeling like I might need to be near you.  and I feel alright, so please don’t get me rescued.” – rescued

this was my favorite band before it was peyton sawyer’s.
now I remember why. 


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