Okay, I already didn’t understand the obsession that everyone has with ths girl. But now, I’m just highly grossed out. I don’t think this is sanitary at all. I really don’t understand why ANYONE would use their wisdom teeth, or anyones for that matter, as plugs. This is gross. And I’m sure that a lot of “vultures” think this is extremely awesome and want to do this. I advise you to keep your teeth out of your ears. 

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha leaving this here to give Sierra a laugh when she gets on.

First of all, I have wicked side burns.

Second, I bleached the got damn teeth. They’re cleaner then YOU.

Third, if you’ve had your wisdom teeth taken out, you know how it’s the opposite of cheap.
This is basically the most expensive jewelry I own!

Fourth, they fell out from rolling around on stage to much, are you happy now that my disgusting teeth aren’t in my ears?! ARE YOU? Pleeeeease let me know because your opinion really matters to me

THIS is why I love this girl.


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