We are down to the last few Scene Reports from the tour! Go to www.earnityourself.com to find out who we picked to play Warped Tour in each city! 

Info about the EIY Meet-Ups backstage at Warped this summer will be posted THIS WEEK, along with RSVP pages so you can see who else will be attending the meet-up at your local Warped show.

If you are on the street team, make sure you email us back! If you haven’t heard from us yet, email us at warpedteam at earnityourself dot com ASAP. We’re getting info together about volunteer positions that will be available on Warped, and we are going to be rewarding our hardest-working street teamers with some seriously awesome stuff. Also, we are going to be looking to send one person to each show as the EIY Reporter for the EIY Blog! More on that soon.

What else? The EIY Handbook zine and the handmade EIY tee shirts are going to be available ONLINE this week! The free dowloadable version of the zine will be coming very soon, but if you want to order the printed version, keep an eye out this week at www.earnityourself.com: 50 QUESTIONS answered by 35 INDUSTRY VETERANS & MUSICIANS resulting in 60 PAGES of incredible advice, insight, and wisdom — all for just 10bux.

There’s so much more! Make sure we are connected on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any random late-night posts and ramblings.

Love & Integrity,


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