Touring may seem to many people like the a life of party and irresponsibility by the amounts of people that act like that on tour. But I can assure you that many people that tour for a living are very responsible and are family driven, many of us do it to support our families and family means everything to us. A day doesn’t go by that we talk to our partners, wives and kids. People that tour sacrifice a lot that goes from the most famous bands in the world to small bands and their crew.

We have to work to make sure our love ones are taken care of, just because most of us have tattoos or wear shorts even dress up in costumes or look like unshaved bums it doesn’t mean that we are not responsible. Many tour people would stop touring if it came in between of losing our love ones. I personally have missed weddings, birthdays and graduations of friends and family. My family understands that this is what I do. Yes, I’m just a Merch dude not an important musicians but it doesn’t make what I do less important.

Life on the road is hard and many don’t understand this until it’s to late. When I first started I was single and had my moments of crazy party. But the more you do this, the party becomes boring and when the day comes that you finally meet someone you put 100% into making sure it works.

So please if you’re looking into touring and are in a relationship remember the way you behave when you’re alone on tour might affected the most beautiful thing a man or woman can have…family.

This is my opinion and only an opinion.


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