Sorry. But really? Are we really that self centered? That’s cool and all that you give a shit about the U.S. and all, but our country doesn’t need any “saving”. 

We have horrible crimes happen here all the time, there’s no doubt about it, I won’t argue with you on that. But I’m pretty sure we don’t have a man ranked as the #1 criminal in the world marching around our streets with a fucking army raping women, kidnapping children and forcing them to kill. 

All of you agreeing with the fact that we should “fix our country first” are most likely fortunate enough to have peace of mind before you go to sleep, guaranteed to wake up safe in the morning. The people in Uganda don’t have that piece of mind.
Uganda’s problems > ours.  

It’s called doing the right thing. God forbid we try and do the right thing for once.

Get your heads out of your fucking asses and wake the fuck up. If you seriously think a 1st world country needs more help than a 3rd world country, I honestly feel bad for you.


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