from left to right; 

I am afraid to hold my boyfriend’s hand.

My friend’s parents sent her away.

I found death threats in my locker.

I submitted to electroshock therapy.

I lost half my friends after coming out.

My grandmother sends me hate mail.

My school won’t let me take my date to prom.

I am not here anymore.

My dad tried to beat it out of me. 

No one is proud of me.

This showed up on my blog again. Forever reblog.

Woah. Shit just got real. I just broke down.

I am not here anymore . I’m literally in tears right now. No one deserves any of this, and the human race shouldn’t allow it to happen.

Forever reblog. No one should have to fight this battle, because one person fighting it is one too many. Stop the hate.

I’m really close to crying, honestly… Love who you want to love. It doesn’t matter if others approve, loving freely is the best thing you could do in your life.

A friend committed suicide because of this, which is why I created Open Our Eyes. No one should ever have to feel this way. Ever. Your life is worth this battle. LOVE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO LOVE. EFF EVERYONE ELSE.


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