“We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We’re Band Aids.” – Penny Lane

Inspired by Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous, Band Aid Records is an independent music management and marketing company based in Mobile, AL.

Our goal is to maximize each artist’s exposure through publicity, general management, tour management, business management, merchandise management,  social media, event booking, photography and promotions.

All of our staff have over 5 years of experience in the music industry.  We will only work with artists who have the drive to make their dreams a reality.   We set very high expectations and then setup a management plan to achieve those ideals.  NOTHING is impossible  but success doesn’t come easily.  You get what you give in this industry.  If you’re willing to give us your best, then we will give you ours.  Your career is a team effort that requires the active participation of everyone involved.


We are always looking for new talent.
Questions?  Interested in our services?  Have something to submit to the blog?
Send an email to brittny[at]bandaidrecords[dot]com.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/BandAidRecords
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bandaidrecords


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