Spend one month in Africa.

Spend a full summer on Warped Tour.

Go skydiving.

Go bungee jumping.

Visit Palestine.

Visit Morocco.

Spend time at an ashram in India.

Get married.

Have at least one child.

Jog through Central Park.

Travel to all 50 states.

Go to Coachella.

Go to Bonnaroo.

Go to Bamboozle.

Go to SXSW.

Write a novel.

Become fluent in French.

Become fluent in Arabic.

Learn how to surf.

Learn how to skateboard.

Pay for a stranger’s meal.

Go to Burning Man.

Sail on a yacht.

Take a Bikram Yoga class.

Learn to drive a stick shift.

Go to Disneyworld.

Walk across Abbey Road.

Intern for TOMs.

Spend a summer as an Invisible Children roadie.

Watch the sunset on the beach with someone I love.

…. to be continued….


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