I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales. I’m a proud Band Aid and completely relate to those who love “some silly little piece of music so much it hurts”.

That’s the inspiration for everything I do. It began with the founding of Open Our Eyes (www.ooecommunity.com), an organization that believes in conjunction with music, a community rooted in genuine love and a desire to share our lives with each other was all it took to save a life. It then led to Band Aid Records (www.bandaidrecords.com), a music management and marketing company. And to complete the trifecta, I present to you itsbrittny!.

The first line will be called “Bad Reputation” and will debut in late 2012.  I wanted to create a basic t-shirt line that you could alter and make YOUR OWN. This is YOUR line and I want your personality to be reflected.  While traveling, I lived in t-shirts and always wanted to recreate them so I was constantly cutting collars off to make off-the shoulder shirts and cutting the bottom off to create crop tops and cutting sleeves, etc.

That’s my vision for Bad Reputation. Basic shirts inspired by music for you to cut up, paint, rip apart, whatever your little punk rock heart desires. I also wanted to include accessories. I’ve began with basic bracelets (released December 2011) but will be expanding to stickers, necklaces and custom hair feathers.

This is only the beginning.  ❤


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